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27 April 2007 @ 08:33 pm
So, after much (much much much) debate & agony, I've decided that I'm getting a different wedding dress. Sigh. That Aleina and her indecisiveness, right? But cut me some slack, this is THE dress, the only one I should have ever considered. I fell in love with it early on (even before being officially engaged!) but, in typical me fashion, had to test the waters and see what else was out there. THE DRESS, for me, was (is!) one of the biggest aspects of my wedding, because it's what I have been dreaming about since I was young, and of course, something I'll remember for the rest of my life. SO! That's a lot of pressure to pick the right one!

Why didn't I just order this dress to begin with, you ask? Well, this little event called Brides Against Breast Cancer came along, and my mom and I drove to Portland and dove right into the racks upon racks of dresses. I started trying things on, dress after dress after dress, but none of them were really RIGHT. Cut to five hours and oh, say 15 dresses, later. I was down to two choices and was facing a major decision exhausted, with an empty stomach and an aching head. I couldn't possibly go home empty handed after the hours of labor we had put in, not to mention the fabulous cause the money would be going to. And I did love the dress I had on...enough. So we got it! Yay. I was excited. But as months passed, I found myself agonizing over my decision, and I was constantly browsing ebay for THE DRESS, the original, my love. I had wedding nightmare after wedding nightmare until one day I decided enough was enough. I wandered to The Knot message boards and read tales of three dress brides, most of whom were spending more money on one dress than I will have spent on both of mine. I quickly came to terms with my change of decision and began my search for THE DRESS once again.

Someone else on The Knot gave me a tip to order it for even less than we paid for my original dress. A trip to my local bridal salon to try it on again confirmed my decision 100%. It is, most definitely, THE DRESS. So, without further ado...MY dress:

try to ignore the horrible quality of the picture of me in it...the shop does not allow pictures, so this is a sneaky phone pic.
some more in here + my old dressCollapse )

In other wedding planning news, we booked our videographer! He is my favorite and I'm SO excited that he'll be documenting the day. Not only is he extremely talented but he's also really fun to be around, so it's good. You can see some of his horribly outdated demo stuff at his website, focalpointvideo.biz, but his new stuff is soooo much better. You can actually see one of his newer videos, which is one of his favorites, at this link. (Hopefully not too many people click that, so we don't use up all his bandwidth.)

We're also getting a cake sampler tomorrow from Wild Pear, who makes THE best cake I have ever tasted in my entire life. I'll let you know how it is. :)
09 April 2007 @ 02:58 pm
Up until this point, this journal has been full of vague-ness regarding the wedding. It was started when I had absolutely no idea (really) what direction my wedding was going to take. But here's the good news: NOW I DO! And we are, slowly but surely, starting to put some concrete plans into place! I've sort of taken a backseat approach for the last few months, but now that my wedding countdown clock (thanks Grandma Cece!) says I have only 215 days left to get this whole thing together, I'm trying to pick up the pace a little.

We met with a videographer yesterday in Beaverton. Ambient Sky Studios to be exact. He seemed like a good guy, for the most part, but I think he totally underrepresented himself when he showed me one of his finished products. I liked his demo stuff much more. He did mention that it was a "dark" wedding, so maybe that was it. I also found some things in his contract that were sort of iffy--like it takes 6-9 months to receive your finished video (by then, I think I'll be like, ohhhhh yeah, I forgot we hired you!) and he only takes cash or checks--with half down as a deposit. His prices are pretty good, but I'm not sure they're good enough to justify 6-9 months of waiting. Plus I just didn't click with him the same way I did with the guy from Salem...Focal Point Video. Unfortunately he's more expensive. I think it's so funny how the wedding "professionals" are always saying not to put a price on your memories, like it doesn't matter in the end, but...it does. I just wish I wasn't sooo picky. Or that I had an unlimited budget, ha.

I've also been looking at cakes, again. We are probably going with Roth's bakery (a local grocery chain), because they actually had THE best cake at the wedding show & probably the cheapest too. But I'm just hoping they can do the newest design that I've fallen in love with...

I would just loooove to have chocolate ganache...I keep saying I'll just make my own cake, but Jesse shoots the idea down every time, saying I'll have way too much to worry about already. Pfffffft, dang him for being smart.
09 April 2007 @ 01:32 pm
Here's where it all comes together! This is basically my wedding in a nutshell. Obviously it will grow and grow until we get there.

the bride & groom: aleina & jesse and the ring that started it all!

the date: november 11, 2007
the venue: the grand theatre & ballroom - salem, oregon....
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check back for more later lovelies!